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System plugin that performs macro replacements.

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This is the Easy Shortcodes system plugin that performs BBCode style macros through a customizable shortcodes.ini file.

Easy Shortcodes supports Joomla 4 & 5.

Inserting an h2 heading shortcode seems unnecessary having the native <h3> tag available, however this example is an easaier way to explain the plugin's functionality.

Getting started

  1. Go to System > (Manage) Extensions and look for Easy Shortcodes and enable it
  2. Create a shortcodes.ini file like this one
  3. Move the shortcodes.ini file inside the html folder of your frontend template: templates/your-template/html/
  4. Add your own shortcodes. You can use our sample shortcode.ini file as reference
  5. Use the shortcodes in your articles, modules and menus

Addding an icon to a menu item

Using the icon shortcode from our sample shortcode.ini file in a menu title, this would be the result:

Please note this example required a font icon library. You can adjust the macro to match other font icons.

Addding an iframe to modules and articles

You could also create a shortcode to insert iframes in Custom modules using this macro. very useful due WYSIWYG editor remove them on save.

Easy Shortcode is based on RokCandy plugin.